Understanding Africa

With 15 years of experience across 26 markets in Africa our team understands the needs of customers across African markets. We know that Africa is different to the rest of the world and that each country in Africa is different to each other. Since inception in 2000, our business has grown as the construction sector has grown across sub-Saharan Africa. Today we have a wide reach of experts well established at the highest levels in the construction industry.

African Experience

When African Supplies Ltd. (ASL) began in 2000, our initial aim was to build strong supply channels to bring quality products to the construction sector in sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Build Ltd. is a natural evolution for the business, and we are uniquely-placed to provide services to the project owners and to critically evaluate opportunities for potential investors.

Market Presence

Market Openings

2000 Tanzania and Uganda

2001 Gambia, Ghana and Kenya

2002 Eritrea and Burkina Faso

2003 Sierra Leone

2004 Ethiopia and Nigeria

2005 Zambia

2006 Rwanda and South Africa

2007 Liberia and Somalia

2008 Cape Verde, Gabon and Sudan

2009 Angola

2010 Malawi

2011 Djibouti

2012 Cameroon

2013 Mozambique and Mauritius

2014 Ivory Coast

2015 Senegal

ā€œIn international trade, especially in Africa, success is about relationships and trust. African Supplies Ltd. is a classic example of a company, one of very few, that really understands this.ā€

ā€” Robert Craven, Programme Director, Cranfield School of Management

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