Africa Build Limited.

As a subsidiary to African Supplies Ltd. (ASL) , Africa Build Limited. (ABL) works on behalf of project owners in the public and private sector to bring forward concepts to a bankable study stage and offer a platform for investors to access fully evaluated, viable developments of both lands and infrastructure.

Large Real Estate, Development and Infrastructure projects are complex and each one is unique. Moving a project from a parcel of land with a big idea, through to funding, design, construction and operation requires a deep understanding of interlinked complexities which only comes from experience in managing the project process.

“Investors and Investment funds have money to spend in Africa, but they want to ensure that these investments are safe. A ‘gap’ exists between the information that the project owner has and the needs of potential funding partners. A ‘bridge’ is needed to bring these two sides together.”

Africa Build Ltd.

The Bridge

Africa Build Limited. understand this gap and have a defined Development Process to take projects across the Bridge so as to ensure that the project owner provides the funding partners with what they need to commit to the project.

ABL Bridge

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