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We combine our 15 year sector experience in Africa with 24 years of international development expertise. ABL’s on-the-ground network in sub-Saharan Africa provides unique and knowledgeable access to local projects and decision makers.

Our Project Development Process provides the ‘Bridge’ that brings project owners and financiers together.

We have a defined Development Process to take projects across the Bridge so as to ensure that the project owner provides the funding partners with what they need to commit to the project.

Project Development Process

Why Follow Africa Build’s ‘Bridge’ Process?

    • Creates credibility for project owners.
    • Highlights key issues to address at early stage.
    • Explores high level issues and enables decisions on whether to move forward and expend monies on further stages of consultancy and design.
    • Enables clear direction to be given to consultants.
    • Enables discussions with government bodies concerning approvals, infrastructure etc.
    • Maximises chances of project success.
    • Enables initial discussion with financiers and investors to be taken seriously with a view to obtaining initial commitment.
  • The Way Forward

    For projects to successfully move forward they need to work in an environment where:

    • There is understanding of the Development Process and what it takes to get a project funded and off-the-ground.
    • Project Owners are willing to invest and engage in the Development Process.
    • There is true understanding Africa and the challenges unique to individual countries.
    • Project owners and promoters are willing to spend time and money creating a well-considered development and financial plan to be taken seriously.
    • There is a strong network / ‘ecosystem’ of experienced & trusted advisors/consultants who understand major Real Estate and Infrastructure Development projects.
    • Project owners are open to measured risk taking.
    • Financiers are willing to meet promoters ‘half-way’ in terms of seed capital and initial risk-taking.
  • ABL Project
    ABL Project
    ABL Project
    ABL Project

    “ASL are today one of the most experienced international companies in construction in sub-Saharan Africa.”

    Jonathan Howard, CEO Business Council in Africa

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